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Spring updates from Physios for ME

We have lots of updates to share as we head into spring.


Publication of Heart Rate Monitoring Survey

We're thrilled to announce that the write-up of the Heart Rate Monitoring survey we worked on has now been published by the journal Work.

The paper, titled "An international survey of experiences and attitudes towards pacing using a heart rate monitor for people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome" is available as open-access by clicking here.

You can read more about the background of this survey on our website here.


University of Liverpool blog post

Dr Nicola Clague-Baker published a blog post via the University of Liverpool about our work as Physios for ME and the importance of Patient and Public Involvement when it comes to research. You can read the blog here.


Presentation to professionals

Dr Nicola Clague-Baker presented this week to a team of ME specialists working in NHS services across the North West of England. The team comprised of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists, and Dr Clague-Baker discussed some of our current research with particular focus on heart rate monitoring and how this could be a useful tool to implement in ME services.

More information about heart rate monitoring can be found here.


Final preparations for publication of our book

This weekend the team got together virtually to work through final proof-reader queries on our manuscript for our upcoming book, "A Physiotherapist's Guide to Understanding and Managing ME/CFS". We'll be handing this over to the publisher and counting down to August for its release date!


There are still plenty of other projects on the go in the form of study write-ups and funding applications, as well as discussions about how we can start to deliver training sessions in the future. All news will be shared through our blog, website and social media.

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