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what is me?

A complex multi-system disease

Affects approx 250,000 in UK (more than MS or PD)

No single cause. No cure

Children and adults. Female > male

Affects mobility, cognition, work and quality of life

Varying levels of severity

symptoms & diagnosis

Systems affected include:
endocrine, muscular, immune & neurological

Diagnosis can be problematic leading to inaccuracies in research and practice experience

post exertional malaise

The "Hallmark characteristic" 

New symptoms, or an exacerbation of current symptoms, triggered by physical, cognitive, sensory or emotional exertion

Response is delayed, hours or days after the exertion and can last days, weeks, or indefinitely

Physio interventions CAN trigger PEM

physiological responses

People with ME have an adverse physiological response to physical exertion

Disease-specific changes to:

Heart rate

Blood pressure

Anaerobic threshold

Intracellular acidosis

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