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About Us

Physios for ME was established in 2019 to try to address the issues around physiotherapy provision for people with ME. We are volunteers who work together in our spare time. 

We are aware that people with ME may come into contact with physiotherapists in many services; musculoskeletal, neurological, community, paediatrics, pain, fatigue, rheumatology, private practice – as well as specialist ME clinics.


However, education about ME is limited for most physiotherapists and current guidelines do not reflect more recent evidence about the potential harm of some treatment approaches.

Our aims are to: 


  • Educate and inform physiotherapists about ME and appropriate management strategies

  • Support people with ME to feel confident in seeking physiotherapy treatment

  • Support physiotherapists treating people with ME in providing safe and appropriate treatment

  • Further explore treatment options through research and discussion in order to better understand what does and doesn't work for this patient group

A full list of all of our projects to date

An overview of our current and published research projects

Details about the members of Physios for ME

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