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Covid-19: Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome/ Long Covid Management

"When exercise isn't indicated but rehab is" - a 30 minute presentation looking at management of Long Covid and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. November 2020 

The slide deck for this presentation can be downloaded here

Swift identification of Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome as part of Long Covid is important because the management techniques differ to the typical reconditioning approach that a physiotherapist may adopt. PVFS has strong links with development of ME, which is why we have taken particular interest in getting these messages out there to our colleagues.

To understand why typical exercise approaches are not appropriate, read more here.

Inappropriate management advice that fails to acknowledge the precautions required is regularly challenged. Together with Forward ME we have produced an open access letter regarding Covid Rehabilitation, which aims to raise awareness and/or challenge inappropriate advice.

This management advice has been prepared in conjunction with medical experts at the ME Association and the exercise physiologists at the Workwell Foundation.

As Covid-19 is a new virus, more will be learned about the recovery process and secondary complications, and we will endeavor to update this information as and when appropriate.

Management pvfs.jpg

Some excellent guides on how to manage PVFS have been produced by:

Royal College of Occupational Therapists

ME Association

You can also learn more about pacing and Heart Rate Monitoring on our website.

This case study from September 2020 looks at someone six months post-Covid dealing with post viral fatigue / Long Covid

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