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Physios for ME interview

We were contacted recently by Rob Messenger, who is undertaking an impressive "500 Miles for ME" challenge to raise money for 3 charities; Invest In ME Research, ME Research UK and WAMES.

Rob is creating a series of interviews exploring topics about ME, called "Discussions at Dawn", where he chats to various experts during part of his walk at Paxton Tower. Rob asked if Physios for ME could chat to him about our work, how physical exertion affects people with ME, and what physiotherapists could do to help people with ME.

Karen Leslie from our team was delighted to chat with Rob, and you can see the full interview here.

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Jude Brown
Jude Brown
Aug 19, 2023

Oh my goodness. This interview made me cry. PwME for 35 years and I've never ever heard a professional list all the things I live with every day and absolutely understand what that means! Also to have the answer as to why I feel like I used to after an hour long karate session when I've cooked dinner is unbelievable...and that you know that's what I feel like and won't have recovered before I make dinner or open a can of big soup the next day. To have you agree that the expressions "mild" and "moderate" ME are beyond meaningless and quite insulting was the bit that made me cry the most. Thank you my darling girl, thank you. 🙏


Aug 14, 2023

what a great interview, Karen. So good to 'see' you in person talking about how Physios came into existence and your knowledge of ME. Thank you so much Rob Wijbenga, The Netherlands

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