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Forward ME produce new letter about Covid Rehabilitation

Physios for ME are proud to be part of Forward ME, an advocacy group comprising charities, clinicians and allied health professionals led by the Countess of Mar and Carol Monaghan, MP.

As attention is turning to post-Covid rehabilitation we are seeing recurring themes of exercise promotion in line with a deconditioning theory of post viral symptoms.

While in many cases people can be simply “deconditioned” from prolonged bed rest, for which gradual exercise is an appropriate course of action, this blanket message is concerning as it ignores the potential for post viral fatigue syndrome, for which exercise can be extremely detrimental.

As we began to repeatedly challenge or raise awareness of this issue, we realised it would be beneficial to create a single publication to summarise our concerns and key points.

And so we’re pleased to share a Forward ME Letter regarding post Covid Rehabilitation. You can access the letter here.

This letter has already been sent to the Seacole Rehab Centre to ensure their delivery of post-Covid rehabilitation includes awareness of post viral fatigue. We have received no reply so far.

Physios for ME have also sent this letter to the University of Wolverhampton following a blog post about the role of exercise in Covid patients.

The letter is open access so that anyone can send on to services dealing with post-Covid patients, or to challenge inappropriate advice. However, in order to keep track of where it has been sent, we would ask for you to notify any member of Forward ME if you do send it, or alternatively just notify us so we can send on your behalf.

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