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Book Giveaway Winners!

Last month we announced a book giveaway thanks to a very generous donation from Christöph Strock (@cstroeckw, a person with severe ME in Austria and cofounder of @weandmecfs).

We received over 50 nominations and have picked 20 winners at random, who will now be receiving a free copy of our book, "A Physiotherapist's Guide to Understanding and Managing ME/CFS".

Our book is currently on its way to locations in the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Denmark, Austria, The Netherlands, and Northern Ireland!

Thanks so much to Christöph and Caroline for your donation and hardwork in posting books out to all these places around the world. We were blown away by your generosity, and we hope the receipients of the book will find it beneficial to their clinical practice.

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