What Else Can I Do?

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We believe that physiotherapists have the right skillset to help people with ME, as long as physios understand that our input will not "treat" the disease, but may help with symptom management, the ability to carry out activities of daily living, and ultimately improve quality of life.

This is not a new concept for physiotherapists - many of our specialities lie in chronic conditions for which our techniques will not "cure" but can still have a beneficial effect.

Alongside the core management techniques of pacing and using heart rate monitors, there may be other approaches that can help people with ME.

However, it is vital to understand that every person is unique and their response to a treatment is unpredictable. The list below outlines physiotherapy interventions that some people with ME have described as being helpful. However, every approach listed below has also been mentioned as unhelpful, or enough to trigger symptoms.

Therefore, there is no one approach that is suitable for all. 

Physiotherapy intervention should be individual, cautious and constantly evaluated

- Massage

- Stretches

- Positional advice

- Resistance exercise at small amplitudes with long rest periods

We plan to explore and expand on this list over time, In the meantime, if you have found an approach that seems to help please get in touch to share your experiences.