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Videos about ME

Dialogues for ME/CFS

A new project being made with an award from the Wellcome Public Engagement Fund. This features several short videos covering a range of topics regarding ME

What is ME?

A 7-minute video that gives an overview of the disease and issues relevant to physiotherapists

What is Post Exertional Malaise?

A 3 minute explanation of the hallmark symptom of ME


The Workwell Foundation

There are a number of presentations available to watch covering a range of physio-relevant subjects about ME


Jennifer Brea's Sundance award-winning documentary, Unrest, is a personal journey from patient to advocate to storyteller. Jennifer is twenty-eight years-old, working on her PhD at Harvard, and months away from marrying the love of her life when a mysterious fever leaves her bedridden. When doctors tell her it's "all in her head," she picks up her camera as an act of defiance and brings us into a hidden world of millions that medicine abandoned.

"Voices from the Shadows"

“Voices from the Shadows” shows the brave and sometimes heartrending stories of five ME patients and their carers, along with input from Dr Nigel Speight, Prof Leonard Jason and Prof Malcolm Hooper

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