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March 2020 Update

Covid-19 has put the world into chaos and our team has been no exception. From learning new ways of delivering teaching, to working out how to support our loved ones with ME without exposing them to infection, to having our workload changed into something chaotic and stressful, to unfortunately having no workload at all.

Our usual monthly meetings have been put on hold while we try to manage our changing situations, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t made any progress.


Our website has been online for just over a month and so far has had over 2,000 visits. It’s still a work in progress and we have already received suggestions of resources and groups we can add. Please feel free to contact us with anything you think would be helpful, we will try to keep it updated each month.

Legacy of physios remote working

Something we’ve noticed about the current pandemic is the number of private and NHS physiotherapy services exploring remote working, delivering sessions to patients at home using technology.

A major barrier to physiotherapy appointments is the lack of community services, meaning people with ME have to either risk triggering post exertional malaise by attending an out-patient appointment, or the housebound missing out completely.

Perhaps as teams realise that many services can be done remotely, there will be scope to provide services to the housebound in the future. As teams get used to the technology, more “how to” guides are being produced on best practice for delivering remote appointments, so we will keep a close eye on developments and hopefully utilise many of these resources in the future to encourage physiotherapists to offer appointments to people in their own homes.

Big news coming soon!

A huge announcement is coming during ME Awareness Week, and we are so excited! We can’t say much more yet, but it will be a bit of positive news to look forward to.

Keeping in touch

Despite what’s going on right now, we are still here to offer support to people with ME, or physiotherapists, so please still feel free to email us. We may not always reply immediately but rest assured we are still operating.

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