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How physios get it right

In a recent survey, 36% of patients with ME who encountered physiotherapists had a positive experience. We asked for some of their experiences. Here is just a snap-shot…

“While no physio had any real understanding of my condition they were all sympathetic and none of them made me feel that I wasn’t trying hard enough. I can’t tell you how important that is!”

“The physio was able to focus on areas of most pain and gave exercises to strengthen my core and improve my posture… this has reduced pain in lower back and feet.”

“The physios gave a programme of gentle low impact exercise… I was instructed to stop before I felt I needed to avoid causing me more harm.”

“Prescribed gentle core strengthening in short sessions, advising rest afterward. My back pain reduced to a manageable level… I still struggle with my health but I feel I now have a little more control and support.”

“My physio has taken time to get to know me, to establish a treatment plan that works for me taking into consideration what my body can handle, what causes a flare etc… they adjust the level of treatment depending on how I’m feeling on the day and my plans for the following few days.”

“They were kind. Gentle. Didn’t push me. Supportive. Helpful. Took ME into consideration when examining me. Quiet, room dimmed, appointments at times I could manage.”

First published on social media 17 October 2019

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