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How to work safely with people

who have ME

We often hear from people with ME seeking our support because they have to see a physiotherapist for a problem other than ME. This could be something like a shoulder injury, or following knee surgery, or neck pain etc.


While the physio does not work in ME services, their standard treatments might not be suitable for someone with ME, so they still need a basic level of awareness about ME to be able to adapt their treatment.

We’ve therefore created a new downloadable one-sheet:

“How to work safely with people who have ME/CFS”.


The aim is not to make every physio an expert in ME, but to ensure that any physio understands how to work safely with people who have ME.

We are now looking for volunteers to translate this document in as many languages as possible. 

Click this link for text only English accessible version

The handout is currently available in the following languages, downloadable in colour or black & white

With thanks to Dr Rhian Noble-Jones

With thanks to Lena Schön

With thanks to ME-gids

With thanks to ME Centraal

With thanks to Kaja Heilo

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