ME Charities

There are lots of ME Charities in the UK who can offer support to
patients, parents and families

The ME Association

Source of information, support and fund research

Action for ME

Resources for patients and professionals, support including benefits advice, and funding research

ME Action

Patient-led movement campaigning for greater recognition of the disease

Tymes Trust

Specifically aimed to support parents of children with ME

25 ME Group

Specialising in those with Severe forms of ME

Invest In ME

Invest in ME Research

Hope for ME & Fibro NI

ME Charity in Northern Ireland

The Welsh Association of ME & CFS Support (WAMES)

WAMES works in Wales to improve the lives of people with ME, CFS & PVFS, their families and carers.

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Physios for ME

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The information provided on this website is meant to inform and signpost helpful resources. Any treatment for a person with ME should always be individualised, monitored and constantly evaluated


We want to link with physiotherapists or people with ME.

Whether you need advice, resources or just to share your story. 

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