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Book giveaway

Christöph Strock (@cstroeckw, a person with severe ME in Austria and cofounder of @weandmecfs) has bought 45 copies of our book, “A Physiotherapist's Guide to Understanding and Managing ME/CFS”.

He has sent 25 to healthcare professionals in Austria but has very kindly donated 20 copies to be sent to physiotherapists worldwide.

 So we are asking you to nominate a physiotherapist clinic or service to receive a free copy of our book. If we receive more than 20 nominations, then we will randomly select the lucky recipients.

To make your nomination, fill in this online form. Please do not include personal details of any individuals; we are looking for clinics, departments or services worldwide (private or publicly funded) and their publicly available postal addresses.


Your own name and email address will only be used if your nomination is chosen and we need to to clarify any postal details. Following completion of the giveaway all personal details will be deleted.

Nominations are now CLOSED

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