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A Christmas message from Physios for ME

Just before we take a break for the holiday season, we would like to share some exciting news.

The translation rights to our book, "A Physiotherapist's Guide to Understanding and Managing ME/CFS", have been sold to a German publisher, Hogrefe AG. This means that our book will soon become available auf Deutsch!

We are beyond excited for this development as we often hear from physiotherapists and people with ME around the world, so being able to reach them in another language is another step in helping to educate physiotherapists and improve their management of people with ME.

Our publisher can only licence translation rights to another publisher or organisation, rather than individuals, and we will forward any interest to the publisher with regards translation.

We will be having a short break over this festive period, but the new year will see ongoing work in research, hopefully a few new announcements, and the launch of a new free resource that should help to improve working relationships between people with ME and any physiotherapist.

Until then, we hope everyone has a restful break and wish you a happy new year.

Physios for ME

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